3 Easy Tips to Host an Epic Pre-Move Garage Sale

Are you someone who is planning on relocating your home?

Whether you are just a student whose going off to college, a family moving to another house or someone relocating himself to another city, let’s all face it: “Moving is NOT EASY!”

Declutter Before You Move

You literally have to pack your whole life up and move it to somewhere else. It is a very tough thing to do both emotionally and physically. You cannot just get up, pack and go. There are a lot of things you have to do and one of them includes sorting out your belongings and stuff that you no longer need. It is always great to declutter and get rid of all the things which are no longer of any use to you.

Make Some Cash: Set Up A Garage Sale

One of the ways of decluttering is to sell stuff which you no longer need but can be of use for someone else. In this way, you will not only declutter (and have fewer things to pack), but you’ll also have a chance to make some money. (Now, who doesn’t like some extra cash, huh?)

Setting up a garage sale (or yard sale, rummage sale, etc) is easy because you do not need any special business licenses. You do not need to collect sales tax or go through any formal procedures. A garage sale can simply be put up by anyone at their house, literally in their yard, porch, garage or any open space where things can be displayed, and people can come to buy them.

Usually, a Garage sale is an informal event held by people of any household who wish to sell their used goods or items that are no longer wanted. It is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted stuff and make some cash too.

Let’s look at some tips to keep in mind when setting up a Garage sale before moving.

1. Sort It

The first step to setting up a Garage sale is going through and sorting out all your stuff in to two major categories which are “stuff you need” and “stuff you no longer need”. Since you are moving, you can sort as you pack!

2. Plan For The Sale Day

Once you are done sorting out your stuff, move on to planning out the Sale Day. Here is a list of things you need to do:

  • Pick A Time And Date

The perfect time to hold a sale is usually from late spring to early fall. Try to schedule your sale on a weekend and pick an appropriate time on which maximum people can come. The average time for a Garage sale is 8am to Noon.

  • Advertise

One you have set the date, get the word out and let as many people know about your sale as you can. A good way to do this is print out some attractive flyers and put them around your neighborhood. You can also set up a Facebook event or post an online ad in one of your online community groups.

  • Plan To Set Things Up

Think about how you are going to showcase the stuff you are putting up for sale. When it comes to selling stuff, an attractive and welcoming setting is very important. Do categorize your stuff into groups of things which are similar to one another and place them accordingly.

  • Set Reasonable Prices

Be reasonable about pricing – you are mostly selling out used or second-hand stuff. Not to mention, they are items you are not planning to pack and bring to your new location. Be realistic about the worth of things and price them accordingly. People do like to negotiate on prices at garage sales, but unreasonable and overpriced items may cause your potential customers to get scared off or lose interest in buying stuff from your garage sale.

3. Time for Action

Once everything is set and organized, it’s time to execute your plans and sell, sell, sell!

Welcome your customers wholeheartedly and with a gentle smile. Your attitude towards them is really all that matters. Be polite and assist them while they go through things they are interested in and things they are looking for. Do not shadow them all the time. Give them some time and space to look at things and decide for themselves but also keep an eye on them to help and assist them whenever they need it. Do not have an off-putting attitude when they try to bargain with you. Be open for negotiation and work out a price which can be good for you as well as reasonable for your customers.

There might be some things that no one will be willing to buy. You must have a plan about things like this at your sale. You can set these things up attractively, give them low prices or pair them up in a way that people will end up buying them too.

In the event you still have leftover items you were unable to sell, you can always donate them. Donate this stuff to a local Goodwill shop or any other charity which you believe will make use of those things.