5 Ways We Protect Your Stuff During A Move

While moving to a new place, the biggest nightmare is to see some of your precious and expensive items broken. But, with the right packaging, the proper transportation, and the right handling, your items can stay safe and secure during a move no matter how long the distance is. Below are 5 ways in which we protect your stuff during the move.

  1. We use the right packing stuff.
    It’s a typical moving myth that all you need to have are some cardboard boxes, tape, and moving covers. While these things are the basic needs for packing all your important stuff, utilizing additional supplies will guarantee a smoother move to another home. We always try to use the best packing supplies to ensure the security of your belongings including sofa and mattress covers, bubble wrap, plastic stretch wrap, and corrugated cardboard sheets. All these add to the safety to your stuff during a move.
  2. We prepare furniture before packing.
    Before we pack anything, we first consider how to best prepare your item for packing. This helps a lot in following an accurate packing process. Our professional movers take a couple of minutes to remove the drawers from dressers and work desks to lighten the load of heavy furniture for the move without damaging it. We also wrap furniture accordingly with moving blankets or an easy-to-remove plastic stretch wrap.
  3. We disassemble furniture in advance.
    Disassembling the furniture helps provide for a safe move. We remove the legs from tables and sofas, dismantle the bed frames, and remove the cushions. In short, if a household item can be securely disassembled, we do it to ensure a safe move. This usually makes the furniture easy to move and will help in preventing harm caused by brushing over against door or walls. It likewise becomes simpler to pack in our moving truck. Don’t fret – we do help put everything back together again in your new location!
  4. We always wrap furniture correctly.
    Plastic sheeting, bubble wrap, and moving blankets are some of the best packing materials that we use to securely move your furniture. We utilize bubble wraps to keep the delicate wood pieces safe. Moving blankets are used on sofas, chairs, and similar items to secure your upholstered things. Dressers, desks and armoires are securely wrapped with plastic to keep doors or drawers from sliding open. We also utilize ridged cardboard sheets between wooden pieces to provide additional security and averts gouges or scratches while furniture is on the moving truck.
  5. We always have a placement plan.
    Along with packing your stuff correctly, the way you put your things in the moving truck is similarly essential. We get many jokes from our customers that our movers must be good a Tetris. We invest our time in planning the placement your belongings in our moving trucks to ensure a smooth move. This makes the things simpler for us and for our customers. We do it by making a list of all the items that are suppose to move and then by assigning a specifically secure place for them in the truck.

Whether you are moving long distance or locally, contact Brighter Moves to be your moving company. We do everything we can to make your move less stressful and keep your stuff protected during your move from point A to point B. We also have Repair or Replace Guarantee. Should anything happen to your stuff during your move as the result of our action (or inaction) we will repair or replace it. No additional charge for this insurance for the security of your belongings.