Alternative To Cardboard Moving Boxes

Card boxes have become a common and regular tool for packing and moving. Unfortunately, they’ve also been a source of plenteous waste over the years – consumers use about 100 million carboard boxes every year. Card boxes are can be reused and recycled but often times are not. Even if the boxes are properly delivered to a recycling facility, there is still a large cost associated with breaking the boxes down and transforming them into reusable material.

Is there a way this kind of waste can be reduced? There certainly is! Plastic storage containers have proven to be more durable and are more likely to be reused after a move to store infrequently used items or clothing. Extra storage containers can also be sold or given away more easily than cardboard boxes because they provide more uses and more durability for those uses than cardboard moving boxes.

Benefits Of Plastic Storage Containers

Not only can these boxes be stacked on top of each other, but they can also withstand heavy items without falling apart. Storage bins also keep items and clothing safe from forces outside such as moisture or a curious critter that sneaks into your garage or attic space.

After packing your items, plastic storage containers can provide a more durable protection against bumps, drops, or stacked weight than regular moving boxes. Plastic storage containers can also provide additional security for your belongings. Zip ties can be attached to several models of plastic containers to keep important items or documents safe during transportation.

So, when you are planning to move or have already begun your moving preparations, consider alternatives to cardboard moving boxes that can provide you additional uses and more security during your move. Of course, if you still prefer or just want to stick with traditional moving boxes, we have many in different sizes and thickness for any of your packing needs.