Business Moving Services

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Moving your home can be stressful, but when you need to move an entire business, there is even more pressure to get things done quickly and efficiently. Along with your business, we know you also have a family at home, so trying to get everything moved in a timely matter can be frustrating. That’s why you need Brighter Moves and Logistics with your company’s transition. Whether moving across the hall, expanding or reorganizing on another floor, or even moving into a whole new building – no matter what you need done, our moving crews are happy to help!

A lot goes into moving your business, and you need people that you can trust. We have motivated, strong crew members with a clean background, so you don’t have to worry about who is handling your business assets. We provide a range of services for moving your business to make things super easy.

Your company will receive their own personal moving crew to load up all of your office furniture, equipment, electronics, and packed supplies. During transportation, you can be rest assured that your business assets are safe with our Repair Or Replace Coverage. Should something happen to any of your items, whether its a scratch on a desk or a busted lamp, we guarantee the item will be repaired to its original state or replaced.

Like with any of our moving services, spare supplies will be available on hand, so if you should forget to pack up a desk, we’ll have the boxes and tape to help you finish. We also come prepared – our moving crews have their own dolly and moving straps to help with larger and heavier items. If its too big to move in one piece, we will take it apart and reassemble it for you in your new office space.

Additional Business Moving Services

  • Downsizing your office? We have storage solution options available for all business needs should some of your items need to be left behind.
  • Don’t want to pay the overtime for employees to pack their desks up, or perhaps you’d prefer a professional took care of it. Our team members will quickly and efficiently pack your office and prepare it for the move, outside of business hours or at a time when we will be out of your way. We can also help unpack your office and make sure that everything is in its proper place, right down to the staplers.