Long-Distance Moving: What You Need To Know About Your New Home

A long-distance move is often attached to a big and exciting life change: whether it be starting a new career, starting a family with your new spouse, starting your life out on your own in college, or finally enjoying a well earned retirement. However, making a long-distance move has its own unique challenges that you would not likely encounter with a smaller local move.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your long-distance move in advance so you will be ready to enjoy all that your new home has to offer:


Making a long-distance move can be especially challenging when you consider the people involved in the move with  you. If you are moving alone than you will only need to ensure that you are meeting new friends and enjoying your new home, but if you have a family that will be moving with you, then you will also need to make sure that they are adjusting well. The best way to ensure your family is adjusting well is to look for signs early on and encourage open and honest communication. Communication will be key because each individual may have different reactions and concerns related to a long-distance move and understanding each person’s feeling will be the only way to properly address them. Keep an open mind and make sure that your family knows that you are all in this move together – don’t be afraid to lean on each other for support.


Because you will be in a completely new area it is likely that you will be moving away from all the people you are most closely connected to – both extended family and friends. While your immediate family will all be together, and will have each other, everyone in the family will need to make new friends. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start by meeting your new neighbors. Often, your neighbors will be in a similar place in life as you, and will have children around the same ages. This will be a good opportunity for both you and your children to make friends. And even if you don’t become close friends with them, knowing your neighbors is a good idea no matter where you live, and they can also be a great source for information on your new area.


There will be a lot to learn about your new area once you move. Because of the advantages of the internet you can now do a lot of the research you need to before you move. You should get to know your new area the best that you can before you move so you and your family will feel comfortable and prepared when moving day comes. Some things you may take for granted in your current home – like knowing where all the local parks are and which restaurants you like to eat out at the most – may not come as naturally in your new area. It is a good idea to research places your family will be able to spend leisurely time at before your move. It is also important to make sure you know what your options for services will be in your new home. For example, some areas may offer multiple service providers for things like your electric, water, cable, and phone, while others may offer only one or two providers for you to choose from. And even if the providers are ones that you are familiar with from your previous home, the quality of service in your new area for each provider may be different. It will be important for you to do your research before moving to make sure you know which service providers will be right for you.


Finally, getting involved in the community will help you fully immerse yourself into your new home and will really ensure you are taking advantage of all that your new home has to offer. If you have extra time to volunteer try to find local organizations that you can join, get involved at your children’s school, and join a local church or group. This will help you get connected to different things within your community and will also help you expand your new friendships outside of your neighborhood.