Moving Day Essentials

Moving at the end of the year can be hectic – from the shorted days to the holiday events you have to plan your move around. On the plus side of moving in Florida at the end of the year – the temperature is far more bearable than a move in the middle of July or August.

When it comes time to plan and execute your move, you may be so focused on getting the everything packed that you actually over-pack. How is this even possible? Everything has to go with you right? Well, yes and no. As you packed you should have sorted your belongings and sold or donated items you no longer want or need. You should have also set aside moving day essentials to help your transition into your new place be a smooth as possible.

Moving day essentials include items that you will need on a daily basis and don’t want to have to dig through packed (and already sealed) boxes. Items include:

  • Change of Clothes: Have at least one change of clothes (including pajamas) for everyone in your household for every day you will be moving. So, if it is a local move, pack at least one set of pajamas and change of clothes for the first day in your new place. If you are moving long distance, pack enough to provide you clean clothes until the day after you are moved in.
  • Select Bedding Items: When you move to your new place and get your moving truck unloaded, your bed set may not be put together. If you are too exhausted to handle it, having a few bedding options, like an air mattress or at least a sheet, blanket, and pillow, can make your first night in your new place more bearable.
  • Toiletries: Just as you need a change of clothes, you also want to have your toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, and any makeup or styling products on hand. Don’t forget to keep at least one roll of toilet paper and hand soap set aside to put in your new bathroom.
  • Drinks and Snacks: Moving day often equates to pizza party but dinner can feel a long way off when you have been moving all day (especially so if you are moving with kids). Keep a stash of granola bars or trail mix on hand – they provide more of an energy source to help you keep loading and unloading boxes than a bag of chips will. Also, keep plenty of water on hand and be sure to stay hydrated.
  • Tools: There are a couple of must have tools to keep out of the garage boxes – flathead and Philips screwdriver, allen wrench (multi sizes are even better), and scissors or box cutters. These tools will make open boxes a breeze and help you put large furniture items back together (like your bed set!) so your new home can start feeling like, well, home! If your electric won’t be set up in the new place by the time you are moving in, also pack a flashlight, couple of candles, and matches or a lighter.
  • Children’s Items: If you are moving with kids, set aside some of their favorite toys, books, and stuffed animals and pack them in your personal vehicle. They will provide a source of entertainment for the young ones who can’t quite help unload or unpack.
  • Pet Supplies: Keep a few days’ worth of food, pet peds, favorite toys, and water bowls on hand for your new place. Not only will it allow you to easily care for your pet during a hectic moving schedule, but these items also will help your pet adjust when they see (and smell) something familiar.
  • Important Documents: The birth certificates, social security cards, passports, moving truck rental agreement, and other sensitive documents should be put in a resealable bag and kept on hand. If anything should happen to your moving truck in route – you’ll want these important documents safe.