Moving Tips For Long Distance Moving

Maybe you’ve found your dream job, starting at a new school, or you just want a change of pace – but it requires you to move long distance. Planning the entire move, acquiring enough of moving boxes, scheduling move-out cleaning services, hiring furniture movers, transferring utilities – there are so many things to be taken care of before taking on a long-distance move.

Getting a proper guidance or a helping hand during a long-distance move is quite crucial. In order to keep your stress low, we’ve compiled some helpful tips for long distance moving.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time.

When moving long-distances, one must practice a well-planned schedule, at least 2-3 months in advance. This schedule can include contacting the moving companies, identifying suppliers of moving boxes, contacting companies for freight trailers, etc. Contacting specialized movers for both interstate and intrastate moves can help ease the travel related queries. By starting early, you can guarantee the availability of your movers and have plenty of time to pack your stuff on your timetable.

  1. Getting familiar with potential long-distance moving expenses.

As you are travelling long-distances, hiring services in the related area requires a certain amount of financial intervention. Depending upon your budget, you can zero-down on the moving specialists and related service providers. You can also take advice from your friends, colleagues, or other consultants on how to minimize the expense for the best long-distance moving experience. This budget must be determined not only based on the movement from old home to new home but also setting up the new home upon reaching the destination. Take into consideration the cost of utility set-up, food, gas, and any potential hotel stays in addition to the cost of moving your stuff.

  1. Keep the important stuff with you.

Important documents like your diploma/degree, social security card, birth certificate, passport, driver’s license, insurance papers, bank documents, etc. should be handled with care – in particular, your care. Similarly, keeping other important travel items in your personal possession to make your long-distance move and travel more comfortable. Items like hygiene products, sleeping bag or blanket, and snacks should be kept close-by.

  1. Some items cannot be transported by hired movers.

It is advisable to not pack liquid items and perishable food products (like vegetables and other biodegradable substances) during a long-distance move. It can cause damage to other items during the journey. Also, certain items like pets, plants, and hazardous items (cleaning supplies, paints, ammunition, etc) cannot be transported by your movers for safety reasons.  Informing your movers about any fragile items is very crucial, as additional care can be taken during transportation for these items.

  1. Get to know your new city – don’t forget your neighbors!

If you haven’t received the opportunity to meet-and-greet the locals of the new area, you can do so immediately after relocating. Getting to know your neighbors can prove fruitful when you want to travel and need someone to pet sit or keep an eye on your place. It also helps when you just need a friend in a new area! A tour of the area by your closest friend or family member can enhance your knowledge about the area and help you to gain some important contacts.

Also, visiting your local library, recreational center, joining an interest club (i.e. running, crafting, etc) within your community, or looking up local events online can be a place to meet more people.

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