5 Tips To Preparing Your Commercial Space For A Move

We all know that moving is one of the most overwhelming tasks that we can face. This stress is increased even more when we are dealing with moving a commercial company and not just our residential home. Sure we have kept up the basic cleaning of the office while we’ve been there, but what about all those little stains and smudges we’ve grown accustom to over the years or what is found left behind once furniture and equipment is moved?

To help ease the stress of your next move we have compiled our best cleaning tips for moving your commercial space:

  1. Reduce Clutter

When it comes to our office spaces we often don’t have as much clutter laying around as we might have within our homes. However, we should still take a good look around and take a true inventory of our current furniture and equipment and determine what needs to stay and what can go. It can be difficult to get rid of things that we feel are necessary to our business, but if they are worn down or damaged they will eventually need to be replaced in your new space anyways. Make a list of items you will be taking with you, what can be donated, and what needs to be trashed. If you can reduce the amount of things that need to be moved you won’t be as stressed out when moving day comes.

  1. Plan Ahead

Having a clear and concise plan makes anything we do less stressful and more efficient. Start thinking ahead of time of what activities will need to be done to prepare and complete your move and make a check-list of to-do actions to follow. Once you have a clear plan in place you will have a clear idea of how much work and how much time will need to be put in to completing your move.

  1. Start Early

Anytime you move you should make sure you are starting early and giving yourself enough time to complete your move efficiently and stress free. Your checklist will help you estimate how much there is to be done and how much time you will need to get it done. Start early enough that you complete one or two things on your checklist at a time. If your checklist is long and broken-up into specific details try to accomplish one or two items on that list per day, if your checklist is short but more broad try to accomplish one or two items per week. The earlier you begin the less stress you will be under as you will not feel rushed.

  1. Go One Room At A Time

It is important to go through your checklist one room or area at a time. This will help you maintain focus throughout the move. It will also help make sure you pay attention to small details in each area without getting overwhelmed by thinking of all that you have left to do. Just stay focused on one room at a time. If you completed the previous steps first then this will ensure your move remains stress free.

  1. Start Big, Finish Small

You should always start by moving out the largest furniture and equipment first and move your way down. Not only will this help you feel a greater accomplishment as room is opened up quickly, it will also allow you to keep focus on attention to small details. Once everything has been removed from the room you will be able to pay attention to the details of what needs to be cleaned – stains or holes left on the walls, smudges or scratches on the floor, windows needing to be cleaned, dirt and grime left on the floor, etc.

  1. Check Your Work

Once you have completed moving all your furniture and equipment out and cleaning the room you will want to do one final walk-through of your area to double check your work. Make sure you are looking at it through fresh eyes to look for things others looking to move in to your space would be looking for. Use your checklist once again to make sure you have not missed anything on the list. Bring along a small bucket of cleaning supplies for your final walk-through so if you do come across anything that you missed you can quickly correct it.