Protecting Your Floors While Moving

Moving requires going in and out of your home to load boxes, furniture, and other belongings onto the moving truck. This frequently traffic in and out of your home puts the floors at risk for damage or excessive wear – not to mention just getting dirty. Here are 5 ways you can protect your floors, so they are not damaged or require additional cleaning when moving out.

  1. Don’t drag and use furniture sliders when needed. Dragging can cause scratches in hardwood, scuff tile, or tear up carpet. Be sure to only carry what you can handle and ask for help with heavier or bulkier items. Take items apart to make them easier to move and reduce the risk of dragging them out the door. For larger furniture that is too heavy to lift, slip furniture sliders under it. They will help to protect your floors and make it easy to move the furniture.
  2. Use doormats inside and out. Having a doormat on each side of the door will help to capture as much dirt as possible from the bottom of your shoes or from your hired mover’s shoes while loading boxes for your move.
  3. Lay something down in high traffic area. It can be plastic film, an old blanket or rug, or taped down cardboard. Not only will it help keep dirt from getting embedded into your carpet, but it can also prevent drag marks or dents.
  4. Proper packing techniques. By using sturdy boxes for heavier items and not overpacking your moving boxes, you can reduce the risk of a box breaking while bringing it out to the truck. Dropped items like books, dishes, pots and pan, or picture frames can dent or scratch the floors or break and require detailed clean up.
  5. Hire professional movers. Movers live and breathe proper moving techniques – including the proper care of their client’s home. They may employ the use of shoe covers, furniture sliders, lifting aides, and a dolly to help move quickly and efficiently while minimizing any upset to your floors.

Not only will these tips help protect your floors while moving out, they also work when unloading your stuff at your new place!