Renting A Storage Unit During Move

Renting a storage unit has numerous advantages to anyone planning to move. Storage units are used to store furniture, belongings, and other property while looking for the ideal home as well as serving as a long-term solution to keeping your life and home orderly.

Brighter Moves of Florida offers storage solutions for all of our clients. Whether you need a storage unit because you are planning to downsize and don’t have a plan for your extra stuff or you need somewhere safe to store your things while staying with someone else or while looking for a new place. We have several options available and can accommodate nearly any storage need – just give us a call and tell us what you need!

Outlined below are some of the considerations you should make when opting for a storage unit when planning to move.

Book It Immediately. It is very important to rent a storage unit immediately after you realize you will be moving. Planning early will help ensure that the ideal storage size for your needs is available for when you will need it and will also ensure that come moving day, you’ll already have a unit ready to start putting your stuff into.

Climate Control. Long term exposure to humidity can damage and, in some cases, can down right destroy your belongings. A climate-controlled storage unit is vital to preventing items like books, phot albums, and other paper items from distorting, withering, or yellowing, and helps prevent clothing or other fabric items from developing mold. Climate-controlled storage units also help to prevent leather couches and wood items from becoming ruined.

Find An Alternate Storage For “Forbidden” Items. There are some items we cannot help you store due to the rules and regulations of the partnerships we use for our storage solutions. Examples of “forbidden” items include (but are not limited to) guns, flammable or explosive items, select animal products, or food items. Before moving, confirm with us which items you can have stored and which will need alternate arrangements.

Analyze Your Storage Unit Options
Determine which items you plan to have stored and how you would like to store them – will you need a climate-controlled facility, or will your items be ok with out it? Where is the unit located and will it be easy to get to it from either your old home or new place – will you have to go out of your way during your move to deliver your items? If you prefer, request pick up and delivery from our moving company to handle this stress for your or see if we have transportable storage unit available that we can deliver to you (and pick up when ready), so you can load your items from your driveway. Don’t forget to take into account the costs and if the cost will outweigh the stress, time, or labor you will may be facing.