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Sometimes moving everything at once isn’t a viable option. We offer storage solutions for those who aren’t able to take all their belongings with them. There are a range of reasons why you might not be able to take everything at once:

  • Having children can add a lot of stress to a move. When you are overwhelmed with boxes, and trying to take care of your children as well, the pressure can be too much at one time. Storing some of your household items can relieve some of that pressure and make the move go more smoothly.
  • If you have to leave your home on short notice, storage can be a huge help. Sometimes moving wasn’t in your plan and you have to stay with friends or family until you are able move into your new home. Storing your furniture, or extra boxes, can help during this transitional period.
  • In some instances, a new job opportunity or other reasons may bring us to whole new city (or state). Storing your items can make the long trip easier, and give you time to settle into your new home before bringing the rest of your belongings to you.

What To Place In Storage?

Figuring out what to place into storage is a big issue also. Some people worry about storing something they might need when they get to their new home. Some of the best things to store during your move would be:

  • Boxes of books, pictures, or trophies
  • A family heirloom
  • Large or infrequently used furniture
  • Holiday decorations
  • Boxes of seasonal clothing
  • Spare bedroom sets
  • Tools, sporting gear, or camping equipment
  • Patio or outdoor furniture

Although you will eventually need these things in your new home, they don’t necessarily need to go during the initial move. Using a storage unit can make the move easier and your new place less crowded, allowing you to not get so overwhelmed and have a chance to unpack the necessities.

Storage Solutions

Our storage units are 100 percent secure, giving you confidence knowing your items will be safe. Each unit is also climate controlled so you won’t have to worry about the humid Florida weather causing any damage to your wooden furniture, books, or other belongings.

If you prefer to not place your items in a storage unit, we also offer portable storage pods. These pods can be delivered directly to your home and can be left outside your house (like a shed), so when you are ready to bring more of your things into your new home, they are already there waiting for you. Don’t want a pod in your backyard or driveway? No problem! We can easily pick up your pod after you have loaded it with the items you don’t need and store them at our secure storage warehouse. Once you are ready to take things out, we’ll deliver it to you! Our pod option is a favorite and convenient way for many of our clients to store their belongings.