Successfully Planning For A Summer Move

Summer time is one of the most popular times when it comes to moving. In fact, approximately 80% of all moves occur between April and September. There are so many different reasons people choose to move during the summer – whether it is college students moving out of a dorm or into a new dorm, leases expiring, families wanting to move before the new school year begins or wanting to move to the warm weather rather than the cold, there are families moving across country and across cities all summer long! Here are some tips to help make your summer move smooth and easy.


While moving TO warmer weather may be your goal, moving IN warmer weather is going to come with its own unique challenges. The heat of the summer months can be intense and with them usually comes high humidity, which makes it feel even warmer. Moving takes a lot of physical work so you want to make sure you protect yourself from the heat.

Here are a few tips to help you stay cool during your summer move:

  • Use sunscreen. The direct rays of the sun are much more intense during the summer so make sure your skin is well protected throughout your move.
  • Stay hydrated. Staying hydrated throughout your move will be essential in making sure the move goes smoothly and no one is harmed. It is best to drink as much bottled water as possible, but Gatorade works well too.
  • Wear light weight fabrics and clothing. You will want your clothing to be light and airy, and you will want to make sure to wear close-toed shoes, a hat, and sunglasses. Remember that darker colors attract heat, so choose light colored clothes as well.
  • Stay in the air-conditioning as much as possible. While packing for your move and on moving day, you will want to make sure the rooms you are working in have the air conditioner working well – both from the house you are moving from and to the house you are moving to! Make sure to keep the air conditioner on in your moving truck and car as well.


This tip is actually important no matter what time of year you choose to move. Having a successful move that goes smoothly and easily requires careful planning. But if you’re planning to move in the summer it is even more important that you start planning as early as possible. Since summer is the most popular time to move, you will have a lot of competition when it comes to trying to book services related to moving – everything from hiring a moving company, to renting your own moving van, to renting a storage unit will reach its peak season during the summer months. The earlier you start to plan for your move, the easier it will be to lock down these services, and you will probably be able to lock in the best rate as well.


During the summer it is best to take advantage of the cooler parts of the day as much as possible. The best way to do this is to move either early in the morning or later at night, when the weather will be a bit cooler than in the middle of the day.

Planning your move well in advance will help you take advantage of these times the best possible way. Make sure you are completely packed up and ready to go when moving day arrives, so you don’t have to waste time with packing that morning. If you are using a moving company for your move, you will likely be able to save money by choosing early morning hours or later evening hours for your move. Get everything packed into your moving truck during the morning hours, starting as early as you can. If your move will require a long drive, then plan your driving time around the warmer part of the day when you will be able to enjoy the air conditioning in your moving van or car. Then take advantage of the cooler weather later in the evening by unpacking your moving van into your new home.


One of the most important decisions you will make about your move is whether or not you will hire a moving company to help. While it may seem like you can save money by getting the job done yourself, the moving process is often less expensive and less stressful when you decide to hire a moving company to help with your move. But to receive the maximum benefits from choosing to hire a moving company to help, you need to make sure you are choosing a reputable moving company.

Because the summer is the busiest time of year for moving, it is also the busiest time of year for moving companies. The most reputable moving companies will get booked for the summer months early on, so planning ahead will help you significantly here. Make sure to do your research, check reviews, and ask for references before choosing to hire your moving company.

Whether you’re planning to move on the hottest day of the year, the coldest day of the year, or any day in between Brighter Moves & Logistics looks forward to helping your move go as smoothly and easy as possible! Contact us today at 813-335-7338 to discuss your moving needs!