What Rooms Do I Pack First?

Sometimes certain circumstances require you to leave a bigger home and move into a smaller space. Having to part with any of your belongings can be stressful, but it can be done with a little planning and minimal impact. Here are some tips on how to downsize into a smaller space without losing your mind.

Plan Ahead!

Before even packing, think about the “must-haves”, items like kitchenware, couches, beds, and the kitchen table that you will definitely need (and use) in your new home. Create a plan where everything will live in your new home. Extra furniture, such as guest bedroom furnishings, can be sold or placed into storage if your new place does not have room. Remember to measure your furniture before moving it to make sure that it will fit into the new space. This can help you to decide on what to bring and what to get rid of a lot simpler. If it doesn’t fit – it can’t go!

Change Your Mindset

Nine out of ten times downsizing was not your first choice! Feeling down about the circumstance is common, but it is important that you keep a positive mind. Consider this, a smaller home:

  • Requires less upkeep.
  • Will likely result in less pressure on you to host a family gathering or holiday meal and clean up afterwards!
  • Usually has fewer costs and effort for maintenance.
  • Less stuff means less clutter, and the less clutter a home has, the less stress the occupant feels.

Try to find the brighter side of the situation and make the best out of it.

Cut Ties… To Your Stuff That Is

Everyone has items that they are emotionally attached to. It is heartbreaking to get rid of those items but consider how deep that emotional tie really is. Is it a family heirloom or did you manage to get it for a really good deal? If you haven’t seen it or used it in over a year, you can likely get rid of it. You can’t take everything with you, so you will need to learn to let go of some of your things – or at least find a storage option for the items that won’t fit in your new place.

Form New Habits

In a smaller area everything will have a designated place to “live.” Learn to keep everything organized and put things back where they belong as a smaller area won’t have enough extra space to leave things out, especially without looking overly cluttered.

Downsizing means you have to compromise on some things, but it does not mean you have to let go of everything. Keep a positive mindset and separate the wants from the needs, and downsizing will become less stressful for you and your family.