Long Distance Moving

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Long distance moving can be even more stressful than having to move across town. When you’re moving to a new city, or even to a whole new state, things can feel quite overwhelming. If you are moving 60 miles outside of your origin city, we can help you with all of your moving needs to make it as stress free as possible with our long-distance moving service.

The best part is we offer flat rate moving options for all of our services! That means there is no extra cost for gas, or any of the services below that you want to take advantage of. We provide full-service moving that includes the following options:

  • Repair and Replace Insurance so you can have a completely worry-free transport. Anything that could possibly become damaged, from a scratched dresser to a broken mirror or a busted light bulb, we guarantee will be repaired or replaced at NO EXTRA COST!
  • Standby Packing Supplies such as, tape, boxes, or bubble wrap – just in case you need to pack any last minute items.
  • Appliance Installation of any appliance we move into your new home.
  • Moving Tools including a dolly, straps, etc.
  • Disassemble/Reassemble Big Furniture where we will take the beds, dressers, tv stand, and bookcases apart and put everything back together at your new home.
  • Personal Moving Crew. You can expect the same people who are loading your belongings to be the ones handling transport, and they will also be the ones to unload your things into their designated rooms. We will even send an email/text with a picture of who is coming to your home to assist you. There will never be an unfamiliar face!

We strive to go above and beyond for each of our clients during their move, so if there is more that we can do for you, just ask! We also provide other additional services to make the moving process easier such as:

  • Packing/Unpacking: If you don’t want any stress of moving at all, we will pack your home for you room by room, and then load it in our truck. Once we get your stuff to your new place, we will even unpack everything into your new home and put it away exactly how you want it.
  • Storage Solutions: Sometimes, not everything can be moved at once and some things may have to be left behind. We offer several storage options:
    • We can store the items you can’t take with you in a secure storage unit. We can pick it up, or you can bring it to us – whichever you prefer.
    • We can deliver a portable unit that will sit outside your new home where you can store your belongings until you are ready to unload them. Once you get around to unpacking everything, let us know and we will pick up the portable unit!