Moving Can Be Affordable With Brighter Moves Cheap Moving Prices

Moving is well-known to be stressful and the cost of moving can make people cringe. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ease the stress and costs of moving – whether it is a local move or long-distance move.

Hire A Moving Company

While hiring a moving company may seem like the expensive route, moving yourself increases your stress and can be just as expensive. There are the costs of boxes and moving supplies, the cost of the moving truck, the cost the moving truck rental company charges for gas, mileage, and general usage. The final total usually ends up close to or more than the cost of hiring a full-service moving company.

Bright Moves and Logistics, an affordable moving company based out of Tampa, FL, provides flat rate moving options for both local and long-distance moving customers. Local moves are any move of your belongings within a 60 miles radius (that’s 10 more miles than other moving companies!). You can see our moving packages below – including published pricing – or get a custom quote by clicking here.

We offer the following flat rates for local moves (60 miles or less):

  • 1 Bedroom (1000 sq ft or less): $210
  • 2 Bedrooms (1600 sq ft or less): $400
  • 3 Bedrooms (2200 sq ft or less): $580
  • 4 Bedrooms (3000 sq ft or less): $880

We also don’t place time restraints on your move – you get us for the day you schedule us, and we aren’t done until we completely move you from point A to point B! Our moving services are designed on providing the best moving experience for the best price.

Other Ways To Save Money While Moving

Use Second-Hand Cardboard Boxes

Instead of paying a few dollars per large moving box, check with retail stores or even neighbors – they may have some cardboard boxes in good shape that they are looking to get rid of. The more second-hand boxes you can get a hold of, the less you’ll have to spend on packing supplies!

Use Alternate Packing Materials

Storage bins, buckets, suitcases, trash cans, and even garbage bags can be used to pack items like clothes, linens, pillows, books, toiletries, small electronics, or even picture frames. You can also use towels and linens to wrap delicate items to cut down on the need for packing paper and bubble wrap.

Sell Unwanted Items

Moving entails packing which in turn usually makes people reconsider whether or not they still want to keep certain belongings. Moving is the perfect time to purge your home (or new home) of clutter. Set aside items that are still usable but not something you are interested in keeping and take a photo photos and list them online for sale. Might as well make a few bucks while offloading some unwanted stuff. After all, one man’s trash is another’s treasure!